Hello world!

IMG_1025First things first, thanks for reading my new blog Mom.

Hello my name is Jamie, and I am addicted to museums- I have no plans to sober up.

I am from California, and have been living in Scotland for five years now. During the course of my degrees and travels I have found that museums are the place where all of my interests in history can meet. Museums are at the forefront of so many relevant topics of discussion today (if they know it or not), and I want to talk about this! I have had enough of the character limit on Twitter, I have more that I want to say! I have two degrees, but I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, and would never claim to be… this blog may just be a lot of ‘malarkey’, but I hope that I can share some of my thoughts about museums and the part that they play in our world today, and maybe along the way encourage others to do the same.

Peace and long life.

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