Museums: The Final Frontier


Okay I better just stop there before I get carried away. I am huge fan of the original star trek series, and watch them frequently. Camp sets, but great acting.

All right, back to museums. Are they the final frontier? Everyone who has ever worked or volunteered in a museum must admit that it can sometimes feel like you are on the bridge of the Enterprise, heading towards the next disaster. Because, ‘what could possibly go wrong next?!’

But lets consider the life cycle of an artifact for a moment. Archaeologists uncover objects on excavations. Anthropologists interpret and explore cultural significances. Museums obtain and display objects, while interpreting them for their visitors. Educators then create a new meaning, and use them as teaching tools.

I am interested in this process, as my academic career has actually followed this path from archaeology, to anthropology, to museum studies, and now to education. In my mind, museums are the final frontier for these objects. They are where they come to be in their new lives, and are given new purpose.

Museums should be spaces where people of all ages, creeds, learning styles, and professional backgrounds can come together for common reasons. To learn, to explore, to be inspired- to be the final frontier for the past.

Shall we return to the opening credits for Stark Trek one more time?

Museums: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the museum industry. Its institutional mission- to explore strange new ideas. To seek out new ways to teach and share with the community. To boldly go where no museum has gone before!

Thanks for reading my silly creative piece here. Comment below and tell me what your favorite episode is! Mine is ‘The Space Seed’ where we meet KAHN!

Peace and long life.

2 thoughts on “Museums: The Final Frontier

  1. Jamie, you are so creative and have such a way with words! I found this today when your mom liked, I think, your newest blog entry on Facebook. I’m impressed and can’t wait to read more!


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