Is my Mug Collection Really that Important?

*nom nom nom*
*nom nom nom*

Hello everyone! This is just a  bit of a life update. Apologies for not posting sooner, but I am writing from a train in Northern Scotland, traveling to visit a friend. I was back in Scotland for a week to submit my MLitt dissertation, and have had to make a few difficult decisions. I have decided to undertake my PhD home in California after much debate throughout the summer. It was a difficult decision, but I believe it is the right one to make. In the midst of this choice, I have been faced with the task of moving back – what am I going to do with five years worth of stuff?! What is essential, and worth shipping? The first thing I think of is my mug collection. Is it really that important? I am obsessed with mugs and tea cups – I pick them up wherever I go. Disney mugs, Star Trek mugs, big mugs, little mugs… I love them all. And after ten or so cups of tea a day, it can be nice to mix things up with a different mug once in a while (plus, a cup of tea is the perfect excuse to have a biscuit). So am I really going to pay top dollar to shop them across the pond? It is amazing how much stuff one can accumulate through time. I read once that in a sense, we are all curators of our own life story. We collect things, misplace things, get rid of things, and replace things. Objects can represent who we were at one time, or who we want to be. We chose to have them around us, and arrange them to our liking. They can remind us of better times, or places we have been. So yes, I do think my mug collection is important, and I want to keep what I can of it. This is not so much me making excuses for my borderline hoarding tendencies, but more of an affirmation that it is okay to be attached to things.

Peace and long life.

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