National Everything Day


Okay. Is it my imagination, or do we have a lot more national days than we used to, especially in the States? Two weeks
ago was National Cheeseburger Day- missed this one. Last week was National Coffee Day. Unfortunately, I did not even manage to have a cup of coffee at home. Sunday was National Taco Day, and no, tacos were not on the menu for me. Today is National Poetry Day and Word Dyslexia Day in the UK, to my discovery when I logged onto Facebook and saw a new post from my friend. Speaking of my friend, check out her blog (click here) about her life with dyslexia! It is great! #ShamelessPlugging

Back to these national days. I do not really know what to think about them. Are they just fun things that brighten up our days between holidays without being stressful or requiring preemptive planning? Do they detract from more important holidays like Veterans Day or Mothers Day? I do sometimes feel like I turn around and it is already another holiday for some random food dish! Maybe it is because these are simply days that are designed to become social media trends on Twitter or Instagram. But can National Archaeology Day and National Teachers Day please get more attention?! Newsflash- one can go buy a taco any day of the week!

I do sometimes feel like filling my life with tacos or coffee sounds great, but is not a truly satisfying thing. Instant gratification is more like it! As Spock says, “…you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all the wanting. This is not logical, but often true.” And no, this is not a post about dieting, because if it were possible to live off of coffee and tacos alone I would have proven it long ago! I got hungry just uploading the images for this blog…maybe this should be a food blog not a museum blog… hmmm…ANYWAYS…


I do like the idea of National Poetry Day, because it asks people to think about something more meaningful than where to score their next cheeseburger (or at least give it an equal amount of thought). One of my favorite poems is from William Butler Yeats called The Choice (click here to read the poem). I also like the concept of days that bring awareness to under recognized groups and their issues such as those who suffer from dyslexia. I did not even realize after spending 18 years in a good school in California and four years in college that I have Dyscalculia.

So now that I have gone on for a bit more or less at a random pace, what do you guys think about these new days? This is not a rhetorical question, so feel free to comment below! What is your favorite new or old school national day? There are many to choose from, as there is a day for practically everything!

Peace and long life.

One thought on “National Everything Day

  1. I agree with you that these #days are good for highlighting issues which need more thought and publicity such as Dyslexia Awareness. The cheeseburger things, surely that’s all been dreamt up by marketeers. Think people on twitter are savvy enough to know which to take & use seriously and which to take with a pinch of salt. Having said all that I do love a good pun & an opportunity for a little social nonsense, getting to know people on twitter.

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