that Hotline Bling

If you are not a frequent patron of the ‘Top Songs’ column on ITunes, or a regular listener to your local pop radio stations, Drake’s new song titled Hotline Bling has probably eluded you. But that’s okay, for the purposes of this blog you just need to know that we are taking about phones.


I was intrigued by a short article by Anna Lukacs, along with a series of photos put out by National Geographic about phones over the years. What a wonderful pictorial story starting with Alexander Grahm Bell, ending with the modern day selfie. What a technological whirl!

Now I remember the first family cell phone we had- it was large, gray, plugged into the car charger, and remained in the center console. Looking at my IPhone sitting next to my computer as I type, phones have come a long way in just my short lifetime. That hotline really does have some bling nowadays. Let’s slow down for a moment- all of these steps between Mr. Bell and Mr. Jobs are important.

We never seem to think that the little things that happen in our own lifetime are important, or worth preserving to be remembered. News flash- they are. My eyes were really opened on this subject by a professor I had during my undergraduate and master’s degrees that advocated for WWII archaeology, and its importance. Battle sites should not fall into disrepair because the war is still in our living memory (although not for much longer). From him I learned how important and wonderful it is to empower a community to take ownership of their past and present, for the future.

So as archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, and even teachers, let’s not forget how important the now is! This one is tough- I feel like so much of what I have done has involved living in the past. Yesterdays flip phone could be the axe heads of tomorrow. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the advancements of modern technology, and I relish the new feats that this beautiful thing called the human mind always seems to comes up with. I am excited for the future, and what it holds. Not just because of how many new capabilities we can jam into our mobile devices, but because of how many lives will be saved and made better.  But in the midst of this, have the new generations forgotten to remember where we came from, along side where we are going?

What we have today from the past, is what has survived both intentionally and unintentionally… so what will YOU save for the future? Maybe some hotline bling?

Peace and long life.

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