Time Magazine Collage

My partner has a habit of hoarding magazines. I recently recently requested that we go through and recycle some of his ‘collection’, and I promised to rip the address portion off of the front covers with him. I was flipping through some of the issues of Time spanning from last December to this month, and found a few interesting headlines and photos that caught my attention. I thought I would share some of these with you all here. While I was flipping through the issues, I was thinking about how fascinating, exciting, yet terrifying the world is that we live in today. So much has happened in the past few months. It was also interesting for me to consider how advertising appeals to our minds, and what each individual person may be drawn to based on their unique experiences and tastes. I remember making collages as a kid, and I loathed the process of cutting and pasting (literal cutting with scissors and pasting with glue). So, I am giving a digital collage-like post a go here!

Peace and long life.

Time Magazine Collage.jpg

Click here to see the free app I used to make the collage.

Click here to be taken to TIME Magazine’s home web page.

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