It’s no longer a new year [life update]


Long time no blog. It has been a while, and I will admit, I am rusty and hesitant as ever! Since I missed the holidays, happy holidays. Since I missed the new year, happy new year. Although, it’s no longer a new year anymore I guess- it is nearly February, and so much time has already passed.

I have yet to actually post a ‘life update’ on my blog, in the past I have always thought it a bit silly. I mean, it is fine if others do so, I just felt it would be silly if I myself did one! But I have reached a point where I understand, because sometimes you run out of things to say, things to critique, or theories to expand on. Now I have never been a person who has struggled with not having anything to say, I just feel at the moment like no one probably really cares what I have to say!

Yes, I have an undergraduate and a masters degree, but I have been unemployed for a year, my ‘year out’, and it makes me feel a bit invalidated. I usually chastised people like myself, who sit at home sipping tea with their fluffy dog and capitalizing on keyboard bravery. After my masters I wanted to take time out, and a long story short I moved in with my fiancee, became his overqualified housewife, and have been planning our wedding in February. My house is cleaner than it should be, I have become accustomed to cooking 2-3 meals per day, and I am way to interested in the day to day activities of Daniels job than I should be.

The passion is there, but the word are left dry, rolling around at the base of my brain stem like dust bunnies. What an unattractive image that is probably way more dramatic than it should be. Sometimes I feel like I have no right, like I am alone on an island far away from where the center of things where I used to be, and I guess I am. Although funny enough, I actually left the island (the UK) to come back here (to LA).

So why should I be running a museum blog? I have written over and over in essays, dissertations, and blog posts that YOUR opinion matters no matter WHAT. I guess sometimes I have a hard time believing my ow press, you know how it is. My opinion does matter, because even if distantly, I am still apart of a community that celebrates and values our past,  present,  and future. I am qualified, and I will one day soon be worth my salt. I write this, publish it, and hope that I will believe it.

On a side note, my best friend from the UK is coming over for my wedding, and I am excited to take here to a few museums in LA. It is always a fun experience to watch someone see something new for the first time, especially in museums. I am sure I will have a blog post about her experience sometime in March.

Writing these ‘life updates’ is not so bad, me thinks- inspiration will return. Small steps with big breaths, right?

Cheers to 2017.

Peace and long life.

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