The Origins of ORANGE [Halloween Edition]

Sharing an article I wrote for my Geology club- I hope everyone has a wonderful October.

South Bay Lapidary and Mineral Society

There is no denying that color can serve to symbolize many things. Orange specifically has a lot of associations in popular culture today. It is color that you can either ‘pull off or not’. It is the color of safety officer vests and the incarcerated alike. It is the color of agent orange used in Vietnam, and the color of some of our favorite (or not so favorite) sport teams. One standing association that rolls around every year in October, is Halloween.

Referee Orange Sport Team Game Basketball Ball

While we could of course find some photos of rock shaped ghosts or pumpkins to share with you today (which if you want to see this goofy stuff, check out our Facebook) we thought we would from a geological context explore the color orange itself. Our human affinity for the color orange long pre dates Halloween and its pagan origins.


Paint, or its color, often comes from minerals…

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